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At La Luna Center we believe that a full and lasting recovery from an eating disorder is possible. We see it happen regularly. However, the road to recovery is complex and there is no quick fix.

To recover you will need to:

  • Understand the factors that have contributed to your eating disorder – these are usually complex

  • Understand the factors that are maintaining your eating disorder – these are often hidden or hard to see

  • Understand how the eating disorder ‘works’ for you – it can have many functions in your life

  • Develop effective coping strategies – often this involves training and intentional skill building

  • Gain confidence in your new strategies – this takes practice and it helps to have encouragement and be held accountable

  • Shift disordered eating patterns – develop mindful eating skills, challenge ED rules and reconnect with health and balance. It often helps to establish a trusting relationship with an ED specialized nutrition therapist. Eating disorder rules tend to be very sneaky and disguise themselves as “healthy.”

  • Find what you really value and focus energy there – this takes concentrated effort. The values of your authentic self and the values of your eating disorder are very different. It helps to get consistent support in separating the two.

  • Let go of your eating disorder…you don’t need it any more – this is the best part! Life stressors and challenges arise and it no longer crosses your mind to restrict, binge, purge or over-exercise in order to cope. You have much more effective tools to support yourself.

La Luna Center is here to support and accelerate your journey to recovery. Our experienced team of therapists and dieticians are highly trained, compassionate and most importantly, understand how to help you fully recover

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