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Boulder Team Members provide eating disorder treatment for adults 18 yrs+.  Call today for a FREE Consultation to see how La Luna can help you.

Boulder Team: Team Members





Clinical Director - IOP

Michelle Fields has a Master of Arts degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder. She joined La Luna Center’s team as an intern and has been with us since. Michelle is experienced in working with disordered eating and body image issues in both group and individual therapy.  Michelle has background in mindfulness practices, meditation and yoga. Her approach to therapy is integrative and draws from contemplative, psychodynamic, and humanistic psychologies. Michelle’s clients appreciate her compassionate, grounded and open presence.


Assistant Clinical Director - IOP

Dr. Sarah Hewes is a licensed professional counselor specializing in the treatment of individuals with disordered eating. Dr. Hewes received her doctorate from the University of Miami and Masters from Northeastern University, both in Counseling Psychology. Before her move to Boulder she worked as Assistant Program Director at an eating disorder outpatient program serving adults with eating disorders and body image concerns. Sarah has worked in various therapeutic settings including eating disorder residential and outpatient programs, community clinics, and several colleges in Boston, Miami, Augusta, GA, and Hartford, CT. She has presented her research on eating disorders with a subfocus on athletes and perfectionism and has taught courses in theory and practice to graduate and undergraduate students. Her patients appreciate her blended direct and nurturing approach.


Primary Therapist - IOP

Rachel Zigman has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Somatic Counseling (Body Psychotherapy) from Naropa University and is a licensed professional counselor candidate. Rachel has worked with a variety of populations, including survivors of domestic violence, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, and university faculty and staff. She is passionate about helping clients connect with their genuine selves. She has led therapeutic and support groups for several years and enjoys merging psychoeducational topics with creative and expressive modalities. Rachel's style is grounded in Body Psychotherapy and is augmented by her warmth, openness, and playfulnes


Primary Therapist

Casey Capron has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate. She specializes in Somatic Psychotherapy and particularly loves helping clients to reestablish their connection to their bodies and sense of trust in themselves. Previously Casey has worked with individuals and families as well as leading group therapy. She works collaboratively with clients to establish their own authentic definitions of health and wellness. Casey works from a curious and playful stance that strives to understand her client's experiences from social justice and trauma-informed perspectives.





Psychiatrist - PHP

Dr. McCort is a board-certified Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience in psychiatry. She received her medical degree from Northeastern Ohio Medical University and completed her Psychiatric training at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Dr. McCort worked at CU as the Associate Director of Medical Student Education before leaving to work in the public sector. She was then the Lead Psychiatrist at University of Colorado's student health center for many years working with the student population. Dr. McCort's areas of specialization include eating disorders, sleep disorders, substance use and mental health disorders. Her patients appreciate her directness, warmth and extensive experience.


PHP Clinical Director

Holly Scanes, Ph.D.
Dr. Holly Scanes received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University. She has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults with disordered eating and body image issues in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Holly’s approach is integrative, with an emphasis on strengths-based techniques.  She places great value on the importance of healthy and nurturing relationships and strongly believes in the healing power of both interpersonal and family-based interventions. Dr. Scanes utilizes a number of therapeutic approaches, including: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Holly’s clients appreciate her genuine, kind and direct approach.


Lead Nutrition Nutrition Therapist - PHP

Amy Winkelman has a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness, and Health from Purdue University and a Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian.  Amy has extensive experience with supporting clients with disordered eating in both inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Amy is fascinated by the role nutrition plays in providing health and energy to our bodies, and she also understands the emotional connections we make with eating. Her approach to nutrition is one of balance, applying therapies such as ACT and DBT to nutrition and eating. Amy enjoys connecting with clients and helping them work towards their goals related to food and living a fulfilling life. Clients appreciate her patience, kindness, and sense of humor.


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist - PHP

Lindsey completed her Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition and her Dietetic Internship at the College of Saint Elizabeth. Lindsey has always had a passion for helping others and her interest in the treatment of eating disorders is what drew her into studying foods and nutrition. As a clinician, she is dedicated to continuing to educate herself within the field of nutrition and eating disorders. Lindsey practices nutrition through a weight-inclusive and anti-diet lens and is
passionate about helping her clients reduce fear and stress around food and reconnect with food in a more neutral way. She enjoys supporting her clients through their recovery and connecting with them on their individual journeys. Clients appreciate that her approach is both empathetic and direct, and enjoy her authenticity and lighthearted humor.


Primary Therapist - PHP

Kathleen Nelson has a Master's of Social Work from Boston College.  She has experience working with children and adolescents in a Partial Hospitalization Program, with preschoolers with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Selective Mutism, and conducting neuroimaging research on preschoolers with Anxiety Disorders. Kathleen is interested in the mind-body connection, the impact of trauma, and the power of connection in recovery. Kathleen’s approach is integrative pulling from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. Kathleen’s clients appreciate her sense of humor, and grounded, and genuine approach.


Primary Therapist - PHP

Kayla has a Master's of Social Work with a focus in mental health and addictions from Indiana University and is a licensed social worker. She has experience with a variety of populations, including survivors of domestic and sexual violence, individuals struggling with addiction, and those struggling with MDD and GAD. Kayla has a passion for working in the treatment of eating disorders and has supported clients in IP, Residential, and PHP levels of care. Kayla believes in Health at Every Size and takes an anti-diet approach in her work with clients. She utilizes a variety of skills-based approaches such as DBT, CBT, and ACT. Kayla is committed to helping clients discover and grow their true selves in order to live life without the need for their eating disorder. Kayla's clients appreciate her kindness and humor.


Primary Therapist

Jill has a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Regis University. She has focused on the treatment of eating disorders since the beginning of her career and has experience at intensive outpatient (IOP), partial hospitalization (PHP), residential, and inpatient levels of care. Jill is passionate about disempowering eating disorders and empowering individuals' true selves. She favors evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Ultimately, she believes that it is a combination of many interventions, a strong support system, and consistent treatment that leads to lasting recovery. Client’s appreciate Jill for her passion, humor, and kindness.


Program Coordinator - PHP

Val was raised in Alaska and moved to Colorado in 2006 to start her college journey.  She completed an  Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding and then  began her career in the field of eating disorders. Val comes to La Luna Center with experience in multi-site operations management for large scale ED treatment centers.  She has served clients 10 years of age and older at all levels of care.  Val is committed to continuing her growth and pursuit of knowledge in the field of eating disorders and health care administration.


Boulder & Fort Collins



Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Malia Sperry is the founder of La Luna Center. She has both personal and professional experience with eating disorders. Her passion for supporting real and lasting recovery led her to create an intimate, holistic center with a dynamic team of clinicians providing excellent and cutting-edge treatment. Dr. Sperry is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado with extensive experience working with Eating Disorders. She has a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University/ Honolulu. Dr. Sperry integrates cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, dynamic, and experiential techniques into her work with individuals, groups, couples and families. Malia’s clients appreciate her expertise, humor and straightforward approach.


Buisness Manager

Bill has a BA in English. He has specialized training in business development, technology, human resources and insurance billing. Bill oversees non-clinical operations at La Luna Center. He is passionate about supporting eating disorder treatment and recovery from 'behind the scenes."


Assistant Director of Operations

Keeley Morris has a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University. Keeley has worked with all levels of care and all mental health diagnoses but developed a passion for working with those wanting to recover from an eating disorder. She works endlessly to help those find treatment and resources to get help. Clients and peers appreciate her compassion, empathy, humor, and creativity.

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